thankyou-150x150Below are some of the testimonials we’ve received about the Mortgage Magic System and were given freely – without compensation whatsoever.

Comments are from folks who saw how the Mortgage Magic System reduces the risk of long term debt while also providing a means to building greater retirement savings.*

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world now use this system, because it is based in part upon HSBC Bank’s “Smart Home”™ mortgage. (the Smart Home™ mortgage is not available in the USA).


"Marv, I would like to thank you for developing the MORTGAGE MAGIC SYSTEM software. I am very excited about using the software because I just built my dream house with a 30 year mortgage, and I am in my late 40's in age and I did not want to retire and still have years remaining on my mortgage. I originally was told about similar software programs from MONEY MANAGING AND INVESTMENT talk radio programs and info commercials on T.V. When I looked further into these programs I learned that the cost of many of these programs is a percentage of the remaining mortgage and a monthly maintenance fee. I have no interest in spending thousands of dollars up front and having a monthly maintenance fee. In addition, I even found programs that encourage some type of pyramiding scheme where everyone makes money from everyone else purchasing the program.

That being said, I would like to thank you for developing a simple, straightforward program that is relatively inexpensive with no maintenance fees. In addition, your customer support was quick, compassionate and helpful. My only regret is that I did not know about this program sooner or that they do not teach this program in schools or universities. I must admit that I did not believe a program like this can exist, but I spent several hours doing the math and it does make sense and it does work.

Thank you again for your program, your costumer support and your compassion to explain the program to me."

John V. - Valparaiso, Indiana
"Thanks again for introducing the MortgageMagic System. It is simple to use and sells itself once a customer understands how much cumulative interest they will pay over the course of a 30-year mortgage term! "

Mark V.

Lending Consultant
Melville, NY 11747
"Yes, I am very happy with mortgage magic. I like the fact I have control and can try so many different scenarios. I wish I would have found your site earlier. I lost 397.00 on a previous site he suppose to be a financial planner and coach.As Dave Ramsy would say I paid my stupid tax. Not much coaching he just wanted to use site to promote his financial products. I am really excited about mort. magic. I talked to you on the phone. I own 4 properties. one mortgage paid off. I have 3 more to go. I will stay focused and pay off the rest as quickly as possible. I am a nurse. My goal is to be financially independent and live totally off passive rental income. I am retired military and almost 56 . So I don't have lots of time. We did not talk long but I got positive feeling about your character. Any suggestions or input you may to help me reach my goal sooner are certainly welcome. I plan using mortgage magic many years to come. I will update you when a mortgage is paid infull. I can be a good reference for your ad. Again thanks for your support."

Dennis Gray - Spokane, WA
"I have just started using the program. And it's great! On my 2nd mortgage payment Jan.2009, I will have reduced my mortgage by almost $4,000.00.At no additional cost other than the download load fee which was less than 1% of my mortgage.My interest savings on my 15 yr. note will be a little over $57,000.00
and will be paid off in in about 50 months. I am getting ready to retire soon. Thanks to you I will be in great shape to enjoy it ."

Mike Donovan - Niagara Falls, NY
"Very worthwhile tool to help buyers and owners manage there money better."

George G - Valley Cottage, NY
” . . . it’s a BRILLIANT System.”
– NBC’s “Saving You Money” –
” . . . shows how you can cut the term of your home loan SIGNIFICANTLY.”
– Personal Investment Magazine –

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Seven-Figure Retirement Savings?

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