Your 401k Is At Risk – Must Watch

There is a secret about financial security that has been hidden from the general public. If known, it would take a huge bite out of the profits of many Wall Street firms, the very same firms whose revenues depend upon people’s lack of understanding financial arithmetic. Armed with this information, almost anyone, even people earning ordinary incomes, can easily realize a high six, or even seven-figure retirement nest egg; without changing their lifestyle or dependency on risky investments.

The secret has been so well hidden by the financial community that you’ve never even heard of it. No bank, mortgage lender, stock brokerage firm, or financial advisor will tell you the secret. After all, if a big chunk of your income depended upon your customers being kept in the dark, would you tell them? Could a code of silence exist on such a grand scale? It could, and it does.

What information could be so damaging to the financial community that they would never want it to see the light of day? These people and institutions all compete for your business. Mortgage lenders promote mortgages to help you buy the American Dream. Brokerage firms promote their ‘take charge’ trading platforms. Financial advisors offer their expertise in finding you the best investments.

Financial security is out of reach for more people than ever before, and many face the stark reality of a retirement with barely enough to survive. YOU CAN AVOID THIS! The investment community, including banks, brokerage houses, trading platforms, and many financial advisors have offered their “financial services” to the public for years, who believed it would provide for their future. You know the result – fewer people than ever before can be assured that their retirement years will be the “golden years” that they envisioned. Is there a way to ensure that your golden years will be as you dreamed? YES, but you need to take action, and the sooner the better.

Most people’s 401k accounts are paltry – even folks who contributed religiouslythe retirement conspiracy book every year, for 30 or more years. Their 401k balance never seems to be what they imagined. What I discovered, and this video proves, is that the entire financial investment industry is taking a huge bite out of the accounts in the investment funds they manage. I had to warn people, and so I wrote a book – The Retirement Conspiracy. The book exposes the tricks and traps that the financial community uses to siphon off money from their customer’s 401k retirement accounts, and then shows how to protect your savings. Armed with the information in this book, you’ll know how to defend your 401k from the predators looking to take a bite out of it.The Retirement Conspiracy is available on Amazon in print format and also in Kindle for immediate download.

You CAN Grow A Seven Figure Retirement Nest Egg

There’s more to protecting retirement savings from the predators on Wall Street (collectively, the investment  community) – much more. Yes, it’s crucial to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that siphon dollars from  your 401k. But first you need savings.

What about having disposable income to contribute to savings in the first place?

Without money to put toward savings, your 401k retirment account goes nowhere. Here’s a sobering fact: most people don’t have money to put into savings after paying monthly living expenses. Without money to invest, it’s not possible to generate income. That’s why I wrote my second book, “Essential Steps To Retirement Security”. No fluff – just real, actionable information showing you where to find disposable income that’s slipping through your monthly budget. We’re talking about enough money to make the difference between a measly 5 figure retirement nestegg and one worth about 7 figures by the time you retire.

Check Out What’s Inside – No Fluff, just real, actionable information to secure your financial future

Most people follow the financial advice of so-called “experts” only to discover, too late, that their so-called retirement fund is no more than a rainy day fund. According to the Federal Reserve, the median retirement account for all age groups is about $60,000. At the top end, for people between 64 and 75, the figure is $174,000, but even that amount is woefully inadequate to span a 25 year retirement.

So if you follow the so-called experts’ advice, for example, to start saving for retirement as early as possible (don’t do this!), you’ll probably have the same results, namely your retirement will suck. You can do much better. No, make that MUCH better. This book will put an end to any fear or anxiety you won’t be able to retire with dignity.  Take action. Order your copy of “Essential Steps To Retirement Security”