How To Set Up Your Mortgage Magic System

Follow These Steps To Get Started
Here’s how to use a mortgage accelerator the right way. Follow these simple steps and you’ll get it up and running quickly, saving you money month after month. Follow the steps below and you’ll get the best results.
Step 1. Call or email for free consultation
business-icons-3Contact us, if you like, for any questions. We can go over everything with you and start you off on the right track. Our phone: 516-426-6331.
Our email:
Step 2. Activate Your Mortgage Magic System™ Account
Purchase and register to activate your account. Not sure? Try it out – you have a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. Simply enter the information into the system. You’ll discover how much time and money you’ll save. Even better, you’ll have a custom financial plan that maximizes your financial future – like having a personal financial consultant.
Step 3. Set up Your Mortgage Checking Account:
Set up your mortgage checking account. You use this account as your checking account – depositing your income into it, and paying bills from it. It automatically lowers your mortgage balance when you deposit your income. You can select from several options. Any of these work fine:

  • Using a HELOC: If a HELOC is available, use it in place of a regular checking account. Test tooltip. This is to provide instructional text
  • Using a checking account with overdraft line of credit: Using overdraft line of credit with your regular checking account.Test tooltip. This is to provide instructional text
  • Using a savings account: Use your savings account in place of your checking account. Test tooltip. This is to provide instructional text
Step 4. Your Existing Mortgage Account:
No change. Payments are the same. Confirm that:

  • Additional payments are applied to principal.
  • Additional payments are credited when received. Test tooltip. This is to provide instructional text
Step 5. Make Initial Transfer From Mortgage Checking
Make your initial transfer from your new mortgage checking account to your existing mortgage account. That’s all there is to it!
Step 6. Track Your Progress:
Using the Analytics section that’s built into your Mortgage Magic System account, you have a way to track your progress. This ensures that you stay on track with your financial goals the system provides. As part of the Mortgage Magic System Analytics, each month we send you an email that tracks your progress. Simply enter your mortgage balance and mortgage checking loan balance (if any) into the Analytics section.

The System provides visual feedback of your progress, helping you reach your financial goal.

Step 7. Life Insurance (Optional):
Life insurance is part of a TGIF system that provides a solid financial strategy using the elements of Timing, Guaranteed investment performance, Insurance, and a Financial plan. Contact us to discuss how to use life insurance as part of your long-term financial planning.
So follow these simple steps and you’re assured that your mortgage accelerator system will save you the most money possible on your mortgage, and your other debts as well.

The Mortgage Magic System is one of the best mortgage accelerator programs on the market. It is far less expensive than most competitor’s systems, but delivers the exact same results – AND you’ll spend Far Less Time and Effort to use it.

Questions? Contact us.

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