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Mortgage Accelerator VS. IRA / 401k

Grow Net Worth using a mortgage accelerator. The Mortgage Magic System Uses mortgage acceleration as part of its retirement plan. That’s because no other investment provides higher returns to grow net worth (the most important metric that determines financial security) than a mortgage accelerator.

This chart shows how to grow net worth using using a mortgage accelerator compared to investing in a typical retirement account! It’s amazing, and absolutely proven mathematically, because it’s based on solid financial arithmetic.  The two lines shows $3,000 invested annually in an IRA or 401K earning 6%, and the same amount in a 6% mortgage acceleration investment.

The IRA/401K would have to earn 500% to match the Mortgage Magic System in terms of the effect on net worth. If you’re not using mortgage acceleration to grow net worth, you’re missing the greatest opportunity to grow YOUR net worth. Start today.

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The Financial Industry’s Hidden Agenda To Limit Your Retirement Nest Egg, and How You Can Fight Back.

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Seven-Figure Retirement Savings?

Seven-Figure Retirement Savings?

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