Credit unions offer their customers a wide variety of products but most customers are not aware of how powerful these products are at helping them build financial security and a large retirement account. Marketing information that credit unions provide leave out important information that can show customers how to use these products to become financially secure. Unfortunately, the Credit Unions themselves aren’t aware of how to use their products to their customers’ benefit. Credit unions can gain a great deal of new business by promoting the use of their financial products in ways that educate prospects how to grow their retirement savings using credit union products.

For example, the most important aspect of building financial security is through generating a high net worth. There are specific products that credit unions offer that can allow their customers to grow net worth far larger than they ever thought possible. Most people settle for paltry returns on their investments because they don’t know how to maximize their net worth, and so they consider  net worth growth of 8%, for example, is acceptable.

The credit unions can show their customers how to achieve growth of their net worth by hundreds of percent! The problem is that even the credit union marketing department doesn’t know how to educate their customers on how to use their products to achieve these results. Specifically, credit unions offer several lines of credit that can offset long-term debt and save customers thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars, with the result going directly to the customer’s bottom line. Here’s a short video that illustrates this:

Any credit union that wants to implement these strategies is welcome to contact me for more information, or assistance with integrating this information into their marketing. The new business that results will astound.

Marv Eisen