Credit Union Loans That Build Customer Loyalty

Marv 3-16 1Hi, I’m Marv Eisen, developer of the Mortgage Magic System. It’s a financial planning and modeling tool for consumers, showing them how to use a short-term loan to offset and reduce interest on other loans. While that may sound confusing, it’s not – and it’s a very simple method that is mathematically proven to drastically reduce interest that consumers pay on their loans. All types of loans, such as mortgages, car loans, personal loans, and credit card loans. I’m not talking about a little bit of savings, but rather hundreds of thousands of dollars!

This is of particular importance for credit unions, because credit unions offer many types of short-term loans that consumers can utilize with tremendous benefit. Because of this, the unique customer experience that credit unions can offer their customers goes a long way to build customer loyalty. It also motivates new customers to open credit union loan accounts.

Let me explain why credit unions in particular should be interested in this. The Mortgage Magic System shows consumers how to use a loan account as if it were checking account, so that credit union customers can not only borrow funds from the account, but also deposit their income into the account, and pay their regular monthly bills from that account. In fact, a credit union loan will motivate the consumer to open a credit union checking account with that institution, and apply for other financial products, such as mortgages.

If you’re a credit union, contact me and I’ll be happy to not only show you how the system works, but also how to integrate it into your marketing.

I can also work with you to provide online and print marketing tools (including videos) for you to use in your in-house marketing to drive more sales loan sales and generate new customer accounts.