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Marv 3-16 1Hi – I’m Marv Eisen. I developed the Mortgage Magic System to give homeowners a proven, guaranteed way to achieve financial security using mortgage acceleration + life insurance. The Mortgage Magic System is not just about saving money on your mortgage. It’s about homeowners having more money for retirement – much more. The average retirement account is less than $63,000 for people aged 65. Using the Mortgage Magic System, a homeowner’s retirement savings can easily exceed one million dollars, and with no additional income!

Too good to be true? No. What’s the catch? There is none. As a wealth creation plan, the Mortgage Magic System is surprisingly uncomplicated. It’s principles have been hidden from plain sight by a financial community whose income is based on investment churn, fees and the compound interest formula. The Mortgage Magic System cuts through all that nonsense. As a financial planning system, it’s more conservative than virtually all other financial plans, and FAR more reliable. It is built on the pioneering work of an Australian, Harj Gill, but is far more than his mortgage acceleration system, as the Mortgage Magic System also takes into account tax considerations of retirement planning and wealth building in the United States. It also utilizes specific types of life insurance to achieve its goals of providing the maximum after-tax spendable money for retirees.

The Mortgage Magic System doesn’t increase your monthly mortgage payment, and it’s not a bi-weekly payment plan. Most important, it cuts years off a mortgage without impacting your regular spending habits. Millions of homeowners throughout the world have used mortgage acceleration to reach financial security. This site gives anyone the ability to put the same system to work for them.

The Mortgage Magic System begins with a mortgage accelerator – a largely misunderstood method of paying a mortgage off quickly, and without using money you need for normal expenses.The Mortgage Magic System is an alternative to financial advice that ends up providing homeowners a meager retirement. Because a mortgage is the largest single financial undertaking for most people, I stress the importance of paying it off as the first part of an investment plan.

Life insurance is another cornerstone of the Mortgage Magic System. Being a licensed insurance agent, I can offer a comprehensive list of life insurance products (both term and cash value) that not only protect your family, but let you keep more money after-tax when you ultimately withdraw funds from your tax-qualified retirement account.

In short, the Mortgage Magic System gives homeowners a solid financial plan that provides a large retirement nest egg and also protects that nest egg from reduction from taxes.

The Mortgage Magic System is a product of Estates On Line, a company I founded in 1997 and located on Long Island, NY.

The Mortgage Magic System may be exactly the financial plan you’ve been looking for, and I know that it will give most people a far better financial future.

I hope you find it a valuable tool for YOUR financial future.

Seven-Figure Retirement Savings?

Seven-Figure Retirement Savings?

Your Retirement Savings Can Grow To


With Savings From Morgage Acceleration