Mortgage Magic System

Slash Mortgage Interest - Own Your Home Sooner

Cuts Interest Cost

Homeowners see a major reduction in mortgage interest, saving tens of thousands of dollars – or more.

Saves Time

Time is money. Cuts years off a typical 30-year mortgage, saving years of unnecessary payments. See Demo

Reduces Risk

Pay off your mortgage AND grow your retirement account. Our system does it all. See our book series.

Builds Retirement

Grow a million-dollar retirement nestegg with savings from the Mortgage Magic System.

I’ll Save Over over $57,000

I have just started using the program. And it’s great! On my 2nd mortgage payment Jan.2009, I will have reduced my mortgage by almost $4,000.00.At no additional cost other than the download load fee which was less than 1% of my mortgage. My interest savings on my 15 yr. note will be a little over

Mike Donovan
Niagara Falls

I Wish I Found Your Site Earlier

I am very happy with the mortgage magic system. I like the fact I have control and can try so many different scenarios. I wish I would have found your site earlier. I lost 397.00 on a previous site. He said he was a financial planner and coach. As Dave Ramsy would say I paid

Dennis Gray

It’s Simple To Use

Thanks again for introducing the MortgageMagic System. It is simple to use and sells itself once a customer understands how much cumulative interest they will pay over the course of a 30-year mortgage term!

Mark V.

A Simple Straightforward Program

Marv, I would like to thank you for developing the MORTGAGE MAGIC SYSTEM software. I am very excited about using the software because I just built my dream house with a 30-year mortgage, and I am in my late 40’s in age and I did not want to retire and still have years remaining on

John V.

Value and Integrity

Jan Rexha
Long Island

Very Worthwhile

Very worthwhile tool to help buyers and owners manage there money better.

George G.
Valley Cottage

Our Subscription Pricing Beats The Competition

Truth In Equity

$3,500 !

Speed Equity

$2,995 !

Replace Your Mortgage

$5,000 !!

VIP Financial

$11,800 !!!

Velocity Banking

$20,000 !!!!

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2 Great Benefits in One


The Mortgage Magic System reduces mortgage interest and the time it takes to pay it off. It means more money for retirement savings, and more time for the money to grow!

All Plans $25.00 Trial (1st Payment)

Cancel Anytime. No Commitment. Buy With Confidence.
The Same System Others Charge Thousands

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Get answers about how this fantastic system works. For a full list of FAQ's, click here to be directed to our FAQ page.If you don’t see the answer to what you’re looking for, please contact us and we will get back to you promptly. Click each topic to see or collapse the answers.

Why You Haven’t Heard About This?
Banks and mortgage lenders don’t want you to know about this system. These companies make most of their money in the early years of your mortgage, when 90% of your payment goes toward interest. This system changes that so that more of your payments go toward principal. Without this system, you pay double for your home because so much goes toward interest. Use this system and you save TENS of thousands of dollars. This system has been used around the world for over 35 years. In the United States, people are just learning of it.
Will This Really Work For Me?
The system is based on exact formulas. Your results are predictable, and based on the same arithmetic that banks use. You can see your results as a monthly cash flow summary. Imagine – a system that keeps the roof over your head for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars less and also maximizes your retirement funds! You will be able to actually retire when you reach normal retirement age. Statistics show the average American has just $60,000 when they reach retirement age. Can you retire on $60,000? It’s not “too good to be true”. You just haven’t been taught about finances this way. Follow the Mortgage Magic System™ – it works!
Do I Need A HELOC?
No! You can use many types of short-term funding sources. A HELOC works well under most circumstances, but you can also use an overdraft line of credit that your bank may offer along with your regular checking account. The overdraft line is convenient and works well, as long as the bank doesn’t charge extra fees. You can also use your own funds, or a cash-advance from a credit card account. Careful consideration should be given to the costs and limitations of each. We can help with this decision.
Do You Provide Support?
We provide limited phone and email support to assist users with setting up the Mortgage Magic System. We also offer a customized support and advisory service via an optional “Quick Start Support Package". This is a personalized support service that is tailored to each individual user and provides monthly guidance and consulting to help clients achieve their financial goals,

Marv, I would like to thank you for developing a simple, straightforward program that is relatively inexpensive with no maintenance fees. In addition, your customer support was quick, compassionate and helpful. My only regret is that I did not know about this program sooner...

John V. - Valparaiso IN

Yes, I am very happy with mortgage magic. I like the fact I have control and can try so many different scenarios. I wish I would have found your site earlier. I lost 397.00 on a previous site he suppose to be a financial planner and coach.As Dave Ramsy would say I paid my stupid tax.

Dennis G. - Spokane, WA

My interest savings on my 15 yr. note will be a little over $57,000.00 and will be paid off in in about 50 months. I am getting ready to retire soon. Thanks to you I will be in great shape to enjoy it.

Mike D. - Niagara Falls, NY

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